Our vSherpa dietary supplements are manufactured according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. This internationally recognized system ensures that our products meet the highest, pharmaceutical-level quality expectations. The GMP regulations cover every step, from sourcing raw materials to the manufacturing processes, packaging, and storage of the finished products, guaranteeing consistent, high quality.

Our quality assurance system is based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) policies and the ISO 22000:2018 international food safety standards. These guidelines ensure that our products are safe and reliable.

Our facility is located in Szeged, Hungary (EU), and we are proud that Újdonságok Kft. is a family-owned business. As a second-generation family enterprise, we are committed to contributing to the health of Hungarian families. Since the launch of the first vSherpa product, we have placed great emphasis on offering high-quality products to our consumers. We are proud of our roots and grateful to American consumers for choosing Hungarian products.

Our dedication and strict quality assurance processes behind every vSherpa product ensure that you receive the highest quality dietary supplements, promoting your health and optimal well-being. You can count on us, and we thank you for choosing vSherpa products.